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Getting Here

Arriving in Dolceacqua you cross a bridge on your right side before the village center. Straight after that you take a right turn (no other possibility anyway) and drive past a tennis court on your right side, up the hill and always following the paved and winding road (Strada Vincinale 62), following the signs for Azienda agrituristica "Locanda degli Ulivi". The road is small but okay, just watch out for some road bumps. You take a right turn pretty much exactly 6 km measured from the tennis court onto a gravel road for the last 200m. After passing the entrance gate there is the option to go straight left to the restaurant ("Locanda degli Ulivi"), but instead you go straight for another 15m and then turn half left onto the drive way to the Villa Morghe.

An "ordinary" address with house number doesn't exist on the "colla bella", which is what the hill is usually referred to. Instead there is officially only the Strada Vincinale 62 snc, which simply means "without house number". A sat nav will bring you to Dolceacqua without problems, but it could get difficult from then on. The GPS coordinates are 043° 51,86´ N and 007°38,44´ E, but I wouldn't rely on the sat nav too much, mine regularly tries to send me off a cliff!

Whether you want to come off the motorway in Bordighera (more beautiful, payment of toll only using machines) or in Ventimiglia (easier, toll payment to a person) is a matter of preference. As you are arriving from Nice, I would recommend to exit in Ventimiglia. In case you don't have a sat nav and need more information how to best get to Dolceacqua, please let us know.

Keys and "briefing" for the house, as well as information about landmarks and places of interest will be delivered on your arrival. It would be great if you could let us know in advance at what time you are planning your arrival and give us a call when you are leaving the motorway under 0039 320 637 2268, so that we can organise everything accordingly.